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Unfortunately, TextGuru’s huge feature set isn’t without problems, and its finicky text selection for copy and paste isn’t the end of it. The FileServer program mentioned earlier is prone to crash, at least under Windows Vista, and wifi sharing in general is unreliable.

Additionally, sometimes the user interface doesn’t give solid feedback, and it’s unclear whether a tap has actually performed an action or not. Lastly, the app’s inability to preserve the very folder structure that it allows you to create when you share files or upload them via FTP undermines it and prevents you from using it as a means of not only editing and viewing files, but also backing them up to your computer in their native format.

TextGuru is a great utility that should be on the iPhone of anyone who needs more than simple note taking or document viewing. It has steadily grown in usefulness since its release, and its sheer versatility means that just about anyone can find some use for it, or some way to make use of its sharing features. While it has its share of problem, it’s a necessary app simply because you can never know when you might find a need for one of its features.

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